Upside-down Spider-Man by Michael Day



Spider-Man fiberglass sculpture

33.5 x 22 inches

Made to order

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    About This Piece

    Upside-Down Spider-Man fiberglass sculpture by Michael Day. In the artist’s own words, “Turning the world upside down,” this sculpture encapsulates the gymnastic prowess of Spider-Man, portraying him in an iconic position that is etched in the artist’s mind, sharing an upside-down kiss.

    “Everyone has a hopeless romantic side to them,” says Michael Day. “Who doesn’t love it when the underdog gets an upside-down kiss from their high school crush?” This sentiment resonates in every detail of the sculpture, capturing the essence of romance intertwined with the dynamic agility of the web-slinger.

    “The strongest man in the universe had to come next, taking with him the weight of the world like the great figure of Atlas.” The sculpture stands as a testament to Spider-Man’s strength, resilience, and the burdens he bears as a superhero.

    Delve into the artist’s creative process, where the fluidity of the ceramic and the iridescence of the spray paint colours take centre stage. Michael Day’s enjoyment in developing these intricate details is evident in every curve and shade of the piece.

    Michael Day, a seasoned sculptor, brings a wealth of experience and creativity to his Marvel-inspired creations. Having travelled the globe and honed his skills in Italy and Spain, Day’s artistry is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary inspiration.

    Embrace the fusion of romance, athleticism, and artistic brilliance that the Upside-Down Spider-Man Sculpture brings to any space – each sculpture is made to order. Free postage and packaging within the UK, with worldwide shipping options available. Please contact us to discuss international delivery. Elevate your art collection with this extraordinary homage to everyone’s favourite wall-crawling hero.

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