The Greatest by Sidney Maurer



Hand-signed by artist

Limited Edition 94/96

In excellent condition

46 x 62.5 inches

Professionally framed by our bespoke framing service

Comes with previous provenance and a BHP Collectibles COA

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    About This Piece

    Immerse yourself in this Sidney Maurer Muhammad Ali portrait. Renowned for his intricate storytelling through the canvas, Maurer’s illustrious career began at the tender age of seventeen as an assistant art director at Columbia Records in the bustling heart of New York City.

    During the explosive era of the 1960s music scene, Maurer’s artistic prowess flourished as he designed album covers and promotional materials for legendary artists, including those now enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Collaborating with the likes of Andy Warhol, Maurer’s work captured the essence of iconic figures, their backstage moments, and their transcendent energy on stage.

    The acclaim of Maurer’s paintings reached international heights, with exhibitions launching in London, New York, Los Angeles, Asia, Paris, and Spain. Notable names such as Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones and Marilyn Monroe, among others, graced his canvas during this prolific period.

    Maurer’s technique begins with carefully curated photographs. He then merges images, measurements, and personal connections to create a unique black-and-white foundation. This foundation, affixed to plywood, becomes the canvas for his mixed media magic – a fusion of crayon, acrylics, watercolour dyes, sumi ink, oils, and varnish. The result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a harmonious blend of photographic precision and Maurer’s creative vision.

    Sidney Maurer’s contributions extend beyond the canvas, reflecting a commitment to philanthropy. His international donations to children’s charities, orphanages, Sandy Hook, and animal shelters exemplify an artist dedicated to the betterment of mankind and the planet.

    Today, Maurer’s legacy continues to unfold, with his artwork rising in value globally. The Celebrities’ Choice, Sidney Randolph Maurer, remains an artistic luminary, capturing the essence of contemporary icons and sharing their stories with the world through his unparalleled artistic vision.

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