The Golden Child 1986 UK Quad Movie Poster



UK Quad

Designed by John Alvin

40 x 30 inches


If required we offer a bespoke framing service

Good condition

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    About This Piece

    Step back into the iconic ’80s cinema world with ‘The Golden Child,’ an adventure film that captured the hearts of moviegoers. This original UK Quad movie poster, designed by the legendary John Alvin in 1986, portrays the mystique and excitement of this beloved Eddie Murphy and Charles Dance starrer. Within the vibrant 40 x 30 inches of this vintage poster lies a visual narrative that reflects the film’s enigmatic storyline, weaving together mystery, humour, and mythical allure.

    The movie itself takes audiences on a thrilling quest with Eddie Murphy’s character, Chandler Jarrell, a wise-cracking private investigator, embarking on a mission to rescue a young Tibetan boy possessing supernatural abilities. Charles Dance plays the menacing villain, adding depth to the film’s fantastical narrative.

    This cinematic gem, presented in good condition, serves as a captivating reminder of the film’s charm, preserving the spirit of classic ’80s entertainment. Elevate its allure by opting for our bespoke framing service, ensuring a perfect display that complements the nostalgic appeal of this movie poster.

    Whether you’re an avid film memorabilia collector or an Eddie Murphy enthusiast, this piece of authentic movie history stands as a testament to an era cherished by cinephiles. Enthusiasts in the UK, relish the added convenience of complimentary postage and packaging. International fans, don’t miss out – contact us to discuss smooth shipping options to add this invaluable piece of ’80s cinema to your collection.

    Own a part of the ’80s movie magic today with ‘The Golden Child’ UK Quad Movie Poster, an iconic visual delight that embodies the mesmerizing charm of a beloved cinematic classic.

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