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27 x 40 inches

Comes with previous provenance and a BHP Collectibles COA

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    About This Piece

    Introducing The Deer Hunter 1978 US One Sheet Movie Poster, a remarkable piece of cinematic history that has stood the test of time. This authentic first-release US one-sheet poster captures the essence of the award-winning Vietnam War drama, The Deer Hunter, in all its glory. Measuring 27 x 40 inches, this poster is in excellent condition, having been meticulously Linin Backed and Professionally Framed to ensure its preservation.

    Prepare to be mesmerised by the striking and now exceedingly rare advertising campaign that features Fred Aiken’s thought-provoking artwork. The poster boldly depicts the legendary Robert De Niro, his face filled with intensity, a Russian roulette pistol held to his head. This iconic image became synonymous with the film, leaving an indelible mark on pop culture. However, due to its controversial and unsettling nature, the poster was swiftly withdrawn from circulation, making surviving copies incredibly scarce and highly sought after by collectors.

    Immerse yourself in the genius of director Michael Cimino as he weaves a gripping tale against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. The Deer Hunter showcases the extraordinary talents of a stellar cast, including the powerhouse performances of Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and John Cazale. Together, they bring to life a profound exploration of friendship, loyalty, and the human condition.

    Fred Aiken’s artistic brilliance shines through in this poster, elevating it to the status of a true collector’s gem. Its seamless blend of war and drama transcends mere entertainment, offering a profound cinematic experience that resonates deeply with audiences even decades after its release.

    Rest assured that this poster comes with previous provenance and a BHP Collectibles COA (Certificate of Authenticity), guaranteeing its authenticity and value. Additionally, for our valued customers in the UK, we are pleased to offer free postage and packaging.

    The Deer Hunter 1978 US One Sheet Movie Poster is a timeless piece of film memorabilia that deserves a place of honour in any collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this rare and iconic artwork that captures the essence of a cinematic masterpiece.

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