Limited Edition 150/300

Chromolithography print

Print signed by the artist

In excellent condition

13 x 16.5 inches

Framed in vintage gold style frame

We also offer a bespoke framing service if required

Comes with a BHP Collectibles COA

The postage and packaging are free in the UK

Please get in touch with us to discuss worldwide shipping options

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    About This Piece

    Immerse yourself in the iconic world of Andy Warhol with this limited edition piece “The Beatles,” a chromolithography print that pays homage to the legendary band. This rare gem, numbered 150/300, bears the printed signature of the artist, Andy Warhol.

    This limited edition print is a testament to Warhol’s prowess, a visionary who transitioned from a successful commercial illustrator to an iconic figure in the art world. Warhol’s journey, rooted in the poverty of an Eastern European immigrant family in Pittsburgh, led him to become the epitome of bohemian New York and a revered name in High Society.

    The artistry behind this piece reflects Warhol’s profound impact on the art scene. His breakthrough in 1962 with the Campbell’s Soup Cans showcased his embrace of consumer goods and serial repetition.

    This print is in excellent condition, preserving the integrity of Warhol’s creation. The dedication to authenticity extends with a BHP Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity (COA), assuring collectors and enthusiasts alike.

    For those who seek a personalised touch, our bespoke framing service is available, ensuring your investment is displayed in a frame as unique as the artwork itself. Take advantage of free postage and packaging within the UK, and for global admirers, we are pleased to discuss tailored shipping options.

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