Acrylic on Canvas


23.5 x 35.5 inches

Hand Signed

Comes with an Original COA

In excellent condition

Professionally Framed

Postage and packaging are free in the UK

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    About This Piece

    Immerse yourself in the iconic world of Spiderman with this breathtaking original acrylic artwork by the acclaimed artist Sue Verity. Created in 2022, this masterpiece pays homage to the beloved movie character, capturing the essence of Spidey in vivid detail.

    Crafted with acrylic on canvas, this original artwork measures an impressive 23.5 x 35.5 inches, making it a striking addition to any art collection. Hand-signed by Sue Verity, this piece bears the artist’s personal touch, further enhancing its exclusivity and value.

    What truly sets this artwork apart is the stunning contrast between the bright red classic Spiderman outfit and the vibrant blue backdrop. This captivating interplay of colours makes the piece truly pop in any room, drawing the eye and infusing your space with dynamic energy.

    For added assurance of authenticity and provenance, this artwork comes with an original Certificate of Authenticity (COA), ensuring you own a genuine work of art by Sue Verity. It is professionally framed to perfection, allowing you to showcase it with pride and confidence.

    As a bonus, we’re pleased to offer complimentary postage and packaging within the UK, ensuring a seamless and secure delivery right to your doorstep.

    Whether you’re a devoted Spiderman fan, an admirer of Sue Verity’s artistry, or simply seeking to elevate your art collection, this original acrylic artwork is a must-have masterpiece. Order now and bring the thrilling world of Spiderman to life in your home or office with this exceptional work by Sue Verity.

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