Sherlock Holmes The Pyramid of Fear 1985 UK Quad Movie Poster



UK Quad

40 x 30 inches

Good condition


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    About This Piece

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating intrigue and adventure of the 1985 film ‘Sherlock Holmes and The Pyramid of Fear’ with this authentic UK Quad movie poster. Directed by the visionary Barry Levinson and starring Nicholas Rowe as the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, this cinematic gem weaves a thrilling narrative that encapsulates Holmes’ famous wit and astute deductive skills.

    This reimagined tale follows a young Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by Rowe, as he unravels a gripping mystery entwined with a pyramid of fear. Alongside his trusted confidante, Dr. John Watson, played by Alan Cox, and the enigmatic tutor Rupert T. Waxflatter, portrayed by Antony Higgins, the film introduces Holmes in his formative years, showcasing his burgeoning brilliance in solving a complex web of enigmatic challenges.

    The movie takes viewers on a captivating journey through the foggy and mystique-filled streets of London, where Holmes’ first adventure unfolds, unveiling the secrets of a sinister conspiracy that lurks within the shadows. The film exudes an aura of suspense, mystery, and gripping storytelling, captivating audiences with its blend of classic detective work and the thrill of uncovering the unknown.

    This original UK Quad movie poster, in good condition and measuring 40 x 30 inches, mirrors the essence of the film. Its vintage aesthetic and artistic portrayal of the movie’s essence make it an incredible piece for movie buffs and collectors alike. Immerse your space in the charm of vintage intrigue and the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes with this remarkable piece of cinematic history.

    Pair it with our bespoke framing service for an added touch of sophistication, ensuring that the poster’s appeal is perfectly showcased. Whether you are an ardent admirer of Sherlock Holmes’ iconic adventures or simply a connoisseur of classic movie art, this poster promises to be a cherished addition to your collection.

    Enjoy the convenience of free UK postage and packaging, while international shipping options are available upon request. Secure this iconic poster today, relive the captivating essence of Sherlock Holmes, and elevate your space with a relic of the film’s timeless allure.

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