Plague Mask by Bluebeard


Ink Print


In excellent condition

10 x 12 inches


If required we offer a bespoke framing service

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    About This Piece

    Step into the mystical realm of Bluebeard’s artistic journey with the Plague Mask, an ink print created in 2021 through the meticulous technique of pointillism.

    The Plague Mask holds a special place in Bluebeard’s heart as the artwork that propelled him forward in his art career, instilled the confidence to embrace his unique style.

    In excellent condition and unframed, the Plague Mask provides an opportunity for art enthusiasts to engage with Bluebeard’s distinctive pointillism technique up close. For those seeking a tailored presentation, a bespoke framing service is offered, ensuring the artwork aligns seamlessly with your aesthetic preferences.

    Bluebeard’s commitment to his craft is reflected not only in the Plague Mask but also in his lifelong dedication to mastering various artistic mediums. From doodling in his youth to transitioning through a 20 to 30-year apprenticeship, Bluebeard’s artistic journey is a testament to the power of unwavering passion and self-belief.

    To make this extraordinary piece even more accessible, we offer free postage and packaging for customers within the UK. For art enthusiasts around the globe, worldwide shipping options are available upon inquiry.

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Bluebeard’s Plague Mask, where each dot tells a story of dedication, passion, and the magical allure of pointillism. Whether displayed on your wall or appreciated as part of a growing art collection, the Plague Mask is a masterpiece that transcends boundaries and invites you to experience the unique blend of mysticism and talent that defines Bluebeard’s art.

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