Paint Bomb Policia by K-Guy


Limited Edition 2/22 6 colour Screenprint


Hand Sprayed Background

Hand Signed by K-Guy

33.5 x 20 inches when unframed

Excellent Condition

Professionally Framed

Comes with a BHP Collectibles COA

Postage and packaging free in the UK

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    About This Piece

    Introducing “Paint Bomb Policia” by K-Guy – a Limited Edition screenprint that transcends traditional art boundaries to become a thought-provoking commentary on our ever-evolving world. K-Guy, the rising luminary of urban art, is celebrated for his incisive analyses and daring creations, and this piece stands as a testament to his unique vision.

    Limited to just 22 prints, this edition is a rare find, marked 2/22 and hailing from the artistic landscape of 2013. It boasts a visually striking hand-painted and spray-painted background adorned with vibrant splashes of blue, red, yellow, and green. These bold splatters intermingle with a monochromatic police force, creating a captivating juxtaposition of order and chaos. Measuring an impressive 33.5 x 20 inches, it finds its canvas on supreme quality 400gsm Somerset tub satin paper, adding an element of sophistication to its gritty theme.

    This remarkable piece bears the unmistakable signature of the artist, bestowing upon it a unique and collectible character. Furthermore, it comes adorned with K-Guy’s signature blind stamp, offering a definitive seal of authenticity. “Paint Bomb Policia” is a tangible embodiment of K-Guy’s astute observations, potentially inspired by the tumultuous events of the 2013 Paris riots. K-Guy’s artistic style, often characterized by the innovative use of discarded materials and urban detritus, is emblematic of his mission to challenge conventions and captivate attention wherever his work is displayed.

    At BHP Collectibles, we present this exceptional artwork, complete with free postage and packaging within the UK. For international art enthusiasts, we extend the option of worldwide shipping upon request. Additionally, we offer a bespoke framing service, ensuring that “Paint Bomb Policia” is showcased in a manner befitting its distinctive character.

    Become an integral part of the ongoing conversation in the world of contemporary urban art and add a unique facet to your art collection with “Paint Bomb Policia” by K-Guy. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this remarkable piece. Contact us today for more information and seize the chance to make a powerful statement in your art collection.

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