Muhammad Ali by Conrad Leach


Original Acrylic Canvas


Excellent Condition

Signed on the back by Conrad Leach

50 x 60 inches

Comes with a BHP Collectibles COA


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    About This Piece

    Experience the unparalleled energy and charisma of boxing legend Muhammad Ali through the captivating “Muhammad Ali” Original Acrylic Canvas by Conrad Leach. Conrad Leach, a contemporary artist based in London, channels his creative brilliance into a graphic and Pop art-inspired style. While he explores various subject matters, our collection proudly showcases his remarkable talent for celebrity portraiture.

    This Conrad Leach original, a true collector’s piece, is an acrylic painting meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Muhammad Ali. Hand-signed by Leach himself, this artwork is a testament to his expertise and dedication. Inspired by Ali’s indomitable spirit, Leach’s fusion of pop art aesthetics with the legendary boxer’s persona creates an artistic synergy that commands attention.

    Painted on a 50 x 60 canvas, this exceptional piece features a vibrant red background that symbolizes Ali’s fiery determination. Set against this backdrop, the monochromatic portrait of the legendary boxer emerges, showcasing Leach’s masterful use of black-and-white contrasts. The result is a visually stunning composition that encapsulates the strength, grace, and iconic presence of Muhammad Ali.

    To ensure a seamless experience, postage and packaging within the UK is complimentary. For international buyers, please contact us to explore tailored shipping options that will deliver this extraordinary artwork to your doorstep.

    Should you desire a bespoke framing service, we offer professional solutions to enhance the presentation of this remarkable piece. Reach out to us, and our dedicated team will assist you in selecting the perfect framing options to complement your artistic investment.

    Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Muhammad Ali with this Conrad Leach masterpiece. Own a symbol of strength and inspiration that beautifully captures the essence of one of the greatest athletes of all time. Contact us now to secure this extraordinary artwork for your collection, and let the spirit of Muhammad Ali infuse your space with its timeless allure.

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