Mary Poppins 1973 Re-Issue UK Quad Movie Poster


UK Quad

1973 Re-Release

Near Mint

40 x 30 inches

Originally Rolled, Now Stored Flat


If required we offer a bespoke framing service

Price Includes Postage and Packaging in the UK

Please contact us to discuss worldwide shipping options

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Framing prices also include a £75 delivery charge. Framing also adds 14 days to the order.

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    About This Piece

    Step back in time and relive the enchantment of the iconic 1964 film “Mary Poppins” with our exclusive 1973 Re-Issue UK Quad Movie Poster. Measuring an impressive 40 x 30 inches, this vintage treasure is not just a piece of cinematic history; it’s a portal to the whimsical world created by director Robert Stevenson, where magic, music, and adventure intertwine.

    Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of turn-of-the-century London as the stellar cast, led by Julie Andrews and David Tomlinson, brings the beloved characters to life. The poster, a product of the 1973 re-release, serves as a testament to the enduring popularity and timeless appeal of “Mary Poppins.” Originally rolled and now delicately stored flat, this near-mint condition piece is a visual journey through the film’s enchanting narrative.

    While the edges bear a whisper of history in the form of subtle creasing from its cinematic voyage, these imperfections only enhance the vintage charm. They tell a story of a poster that has weathered the years with grace, just like the enduring magic of Mary Poppins herself.

    This unframed masterpiece isn’t merely a decorative item; it’s a slice of cinematic history that deserves a place of honour in your collection. Elevate its presence with our bespoke framing service, ensuring that your Mary Poppins poster becomes a captivating focal point in any room.

    The price of this enchanting piece includes postage and packaging within the UK, making it even more accessible for collectors and enthusiasts. For our international patrons, we invite you to reach out to us so we can discuss personalized worldwide shipping options, ensuring that Mary Poppins’ magic knows no borders.

    Don’t miss the chance to make this extraordinary poster a part of your collection. Contact us now to secure this rare 1973 UK Quad Movie Poster of “Mary Poppins” and bring a touch of cinematic wonder to your surroundings. Let the magic unfold in your space, creating a timeless connection to the beloved world of Mary Poppins.

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