Marilyn Monroe 11.23 Limited Edition Andy Warhol Print



About This Piece

Introducing the Marilyn Monroe 11.23 Limited Edition Andy Warhol Screen-print, an exquisite piece of art that captures the iconic beauty and glamour of Marilyn Monroe.

This limited edition screen-print was created by the legendary pop artist Andy Warhol, known for his vibrant and bold portrayals of popular culture icons. The Marilyn Monroe 11.23 edition is a testament to Warhol’s unmatched talent and skill in creating masterpieces that capture the essence of his subjects.

Andy Warhol became a well-known artist after his move to New York in the 1950s. He is a bigger star in death than he was in life.

Fascinated by consumer and celebrity culture, he was a man on a mission to capture some of the most iconic celebrities of his time, all the while indulging himself in the lavish lifestyle they portrayed.

He once said “I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They’re so beautiful. Everything’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.”

By the early 1960s, Warhol made art out of the very act of repetition itself. By characterising popular celebrities of the time and using his iconic silkscreen method, his work often alluded to the fast and widespread consumer culture and yet the handmade process meant there were slight differences every time.

Three months after Marilin Monroe’s death, Warhol created a series of portraits of the iconic actress. This homage to Marylin was one inspired by her premature death and an urge to carry on her legacy.

“In August 62 I started doing silkscreens. I wanted something stronger that gave more of an assembly line effect. With silk screening, you pick a photograph, blow it up, transfer it in glue onto silk, and then roll ink across it so the ink goes through the silk but not through the glue. That way you get the same image, slightly different each time. It was all so simple quick and chancy. I was thrilled with it. When Marilyn Monroe happened to die that month, I got the idea to make screens of her beautiful face. Then became the first Marilyn’s.”

The colour choice for this Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe is perfect for Monroe’s role in film and cinema.

Some may say these pieces have become some of his biggest and most successful works of art, with the portrait having an overlay of contrasting colours that to this day remain iconic within the world of pop art.

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