Legend of the Werewolf 1975 US One Sheet Movie Poster



US One Sheet

27 x 41 inches

Very Fine Condition


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    About This Piece

    Unleash the terror of the iconic 1975 horror classic, “Legend of the Werewolf,” with this authentic US One Sheet Movie Poster, a chilling piece of cinematic history. Directed by the legendary Freddie Francis and featuring a star-studded cast including Peter Cushing, Hugh Griffith, and Roy Castle, this vintage poster captures the essence of the spine-tingling tale that has sent shivers down the spines of audiences for decades.

    Measuring 27 x 41 inches, this poster is a true collector’s gem, presented in very fine condition, making it an excellent addition to your collection of rare movie memorabilia. Its unframed state allows you the freedom to choose your preferred style of display, and for your convenience, we also offer a bespoke framing service to elevate its presentation to the next level.

    The “Legend of the Werewolf” poster encapsulates the eerie and haunting essence of the film. It showcases the enigmatic transformation of a man raised by wolves into a fearsome beast under the light of the full moon. As the storyline unfolds, a dedicated professor embarks on a relentless pursuit to hunt down this monstrous creature, adding depth to the narrative and setting the stage for a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.

    For our valued customers in the UK, we offer the added benefit of free postage and packaging. However, if you reside outside the UK and wish to acquire this thrilling piece of cinema history, please contact us for worldwide shipping costs.

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