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8 x 11.5 inches

In excellent condition


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    About This Piece

    Introducing “Shoji” by Hannah Parkes, a piece that stands at the intersection of Japanese-inspired tradition and contemporary abstract art. As an original, limited edition work, “Shoji” is a testament to Parkes’ screen printing and painting, showcasing her dedication to creating unique and vibrant pieces.

    Created in 2021 this piece is signed by the artist and remains in excellent condition, unframed and ready to find its place in your collection. The artwork is part of a Japanese-inspired series, where Parkes skillfully incorporates graphic lines, torn paper shapes, and a stylized Japanese shoji to bring organic, natural elements into focus. The translucent layers pay homage to the traditional translucency of shoji screen paper, adding depth and complexity to the composition.

    Hannah Parkes, a Birmingham-based multidisciplinary visual artist, has seamlessly blended her love for screen printing and painting in “Shoji.” Her journey began at Coventry University, where she completed her Fine Arts degree in 2016. In a recent interview, Parkes shared insights into her artistic evolution, emphasising the shift from drawing to painting and the excitement of experimenting with screen printing.

    “Shoji” is not just a piece of art; it’s a window into the artist’s exploration of Japanese iconography, tradition, and culture. The colour palette, comprised of browns, reds, and black, maintains consistency within the series, highlighting the profound Japanese influence on Parkes’ work.

    With a bespoke framing service available, you have the opportunity to enhance the presentation of “Shoji” to suit your taste and space. Collectors in the UK, enjoy the added benefit of free postage and packaging.

    Immerse yourself in the world of Hannah Parkes, a dynamic artist who draws inspiration from her surroundings, community, and the vibrant creative scene in Birmingham. “Shoji” encapsulates the essence of her Japanese-inspired series, inviting you to explore the delicate balance between tradition and abstraction in this unique and thought-provoking artwork.

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