Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child Of Mine 1987 Signed Album




12 x 12 inches

In great condition


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    About This Piece

    Introducing the Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child Of Mine” 1987 Vinyl Album – a cherished relic of rock music history that has transcended generations and continues to enchant listeners of all ages. Step into a time capsule and immerse yourself in the unadulterated power and enchanting melodies that define one of the most iconic rock bands in history.

    This legendary album boasts the evergreen hit “Sweet Child Of Mine,” a track that has become an enduring classic, along with a collection of unforgettable songs that have stood as anthems for music lovers across the years. The warm, authentic sound and vintage aura of vinyl will transport you to the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll, where music was etched into vinyl grooves, each pop and crackle a testament to its enduring charm.

    For your convenience and peace of mind, we offer free postage and packaging within the UK, ensuring that this precious vinyl addition reaches your doorstep securely and ready to be cherished. For our international customers, please contact us for worldwide shipping costs tailored to your location. To further elevate its status as a collector’s gem, we present a bespoke framing service, allowing you to transform the album into an exquisite display piece that reflects its historical significance and serves as a focal point in your music collection.

    Whether you’re an ardent Guns N’ Roses aficionado, a devoted vinyl enthusiast, or someone who revels in the enchantment of classic rock, the “Sweet Child Of Mine” 1987 Vinyl Album is a mandatory inclusion for your collection. Invite the undying energy and rebellious spirit of Guns N’ Roses into your home and let their music set your soul ablaze every time the needle drops.

    This is your unique opportunity to own a tangible slice of rock history, a piece that connects you to the heart and soul of Guns N’ Roses and their everlasting impact on the world of music. Secure your “Sweet Child Of Mine” Vinyl Album today and relive the era of enduring rock anthems while making a striking addition to your music collection that will be cherished for generations to come.

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