Girls For The Mambo Bar 1959 UK Quad Movie Poster



UK Quad

40 x 30 inches

Near Mint Condition


If required we offer a bespoke framing service

Postage and packaging are free in the UK

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    About This Piece

    Embark on a cinematic journey back to the captivating year of 1959 with our original UK Quad poster for ‘Girls for the Mambo Bar.’ This vintage treasure, measuring an impressive 40 x 30 inches, invites you to relive the golden age of film. Despite the charming corner creasing that tells the story of its folding history, the poster boasts a near-mint condition, adding to its authenticity and allure.

    Directed by Wolfgang Glück and featuring the talents of Kai Fischer, Gerlinde Locker, and Jimmy Makulis, ‘Girls for the Mambo Bar’ is a West German crime film that encapsulates the spirit of its time. The poster, stored flat for your convenience, is poised to become a prized possession in your collection.

    As a special offer, UK postage and packaging are included in the price, ensuring that acquiring this piece of cinematic history is both seamless and delightful. For international enthusiasts outside the UK, contact us to explore shipping costs to your location.

    To truly showcase the uniqueness of this cinematic gem, consider our professional bespoke framing service. Elevate its visual appeal and transform it into a standout feature in your space, allowing the essence of ‘Girls for the Mambo Bar’ to permeate your surroundings.

    Seize this rare opportunity to own a tangible piece of cinematic history, redolent of the bygone era. ‘Girls for the Mambo Bar’ is not just a poster; it’s a portal to a time when the magic of cinema was at its zenith. Don’t miss the chance to make this vintage treasure a cherished addition to your collection, a window to the allure and mystique of 1959.

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