Friends and Heroes Collection by Johnny Depp


Friends and Heroes Collection

Limited Edition 152/195

Signed and stamped by Johnny Depp


In pristine condition

43.7 x 43.7 inches


Comes with original provenance and a BHP Collectibles COA

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    About This Piece

    Here we have Johnny Depp’s debut collection of limited-edition artwork, Friends & Heroes, featuring four hand-signed silkscreen artworks inspired by the people who have influenced his life. Each image is a reflection of the character of his subjects, portrayed in a simple and iconic style. Working from photographic references, Johnny has created a series of vibrant, colourful, and eye-catching images at the intersection of Pop Art and Street Art.

    This set includes four iconic figures: Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Dylan, Al Pacino, and Keith Richards. Each image is hand-signed by Johnny Depp and is embossed with his iconic Bunnyman logo. This symbol represents both him and his work and guarantees authenticity beyond his handwritten signature.

    Elizabeth Taylor, an iconic Hollywood actress, is portrayed as a confident and timeless heroine with the strength of character uncompromised by youth or age. Bob Dylan, a giant of contemporary culture, is painted handsomely and heroically. He is posed at the height of his powers with his head bowed, his eyes and ears open to the issues of humanity. Award-winning American actor Al Pacino is portrayed as a caring, sensitive, and unique man. Keith Richards, who is considered the coolest rock n’ roll star of all time, is painted as a buccaneering hero with a real sense of power and graciousness, a representation of his incredible portrayal of Johnny’s character’s father in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    This collection is a celebration of Johnny’s love for his friends and heroes, captured in a series of mesmerising and intimate portraits that reflect his unique perspective and artistic talent. Each limited-edition artwork is a must-have for art collectors, pop culture enthusiasts, and fans of Johnny Depp’s work alike. Don’t limit yourself, embrace the beauty and power of these four Friends & Heroes today.

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