Fake by STOT21stCplanB


Spray Paint on Cardboard

Floating White Backed Frame

Excellent Condition

33 x 33 inches


Comes with a BHP Collectibles

Postage and packaging free in the UK

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    About This Piece

    Unveil the mesmerising world of “Fake” by STOT21stCplanB, a captivating spray paint on cardboard artwork that draws inspiration from the renowned street artist Banksy. This exceptional creation not only pays homage to Banksy’s iconic imagery but also showcases the artist’s unique style while delivering a bold and thought-provoking message. 

    Crafted on cardboard, this artwork possesses a distinct texture and character that add to its allure. The artist’s skilful use of the spray paint technique elevates its visual impact, resulting in a composition that demands immediate attention.

    At its core, “Fake” features a central imagery of a monkey scratching its head, accompanied by the poignant message “Fake” on a board. This powerful imagery serves as a reflection of the artist’s exploration of political and social themes, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the message conveyed by the artwork. 

    Measuring 33 x 33 inches, this artwork is perfectly sized to make a bold statement on any wall. Whether displayed in a home, office, or public space, its presence is sure to command attention and spark conversations about the impact and significance of street art. 

    Rest assured of the artwork’s authenticity and value, as it comes in excellent condition, personally signed by the artist, and accompanied by a BHP Collectibles certificate of authenticity (COA). This certification guarantees the genuine origin and worth of the piece. 

    For buyers within the UK, the acquisition of this remarkable artwork is made even more convenient with included postage and packaging. For our international buyers please contact us to inquire about tailored shipping options, ensuring a seamless acquisition process. 

    Whether you are a dedicated STOT21stCplanB enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the power of street art, “Fake” by Not Banksy is an essential addition to your collection. Beyond its visual appeal, this artwork encapsulates the essence of street art’s social commentary and offers valuable insights into the ongoing artistic dialogue of our era. 

    By securing “Fake” you are not only inviting a visually captivating artwork into your space but also welcoming its thought-provoking content to engage in a meaningful dialogue with viewers. Reach out now to claim this exceptional piece and ensure its compelling presence becomes an integral part of your artistic collection. 

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