Dreams Involve Me by Egle Stabuzyte


Original Abstract Art

Alcohol Ink


Hand Signed by the artist

In excellent condition

22 x 18 inches

Professionally framed by our bespoke framing service

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    About This Piece

    Step into the serene world of Egle Stabuzyte and her mesmerising alcohol ink art. These original pieces of art, hand-signed by the artist, invite you to explore the depths of emotions and tranquillity.

    Egle draws her inspiration from within, allowing her mood and the soothing melodies of piano music to flow through her creations. The art mirrors the music’s slow and calming rhythm, with layers upon layers, much like the ethereal nature of her alcohol ink strokes.

    Egle’s artistic process is a mindful journey, akin to yoga and meditation. Using an airbrush and 99% alcohol, she masterfully orchestrates the alcohol inks to create stunning organic lines and captivating shades. Each piece is a unique masterpiece; you can choose similar colours, but every artwork tells its tale.

    Discover Egle’s identity and the profound connection she nurtures with her art. Her pieces capture your imagination, allowing you to experience the serenity she finds within her work.

    Egle’s “Dreams Involve Me” collection, framed with elegance and precision, offers a chance to infuse your space with peace and vitality. The artwork is a testimony to the artist’s journey and passion, inviting you to find your meaning and inspiration in every piece.

    Experience “Dreams Involve Me” by Egle Stabuzyte, where art and emotion unite in a dance of colours and forms. These masterpieces come professionally framed, measure 22 x 18 inches, and are in pristine condition. Postage and packaging are complimentary in the UK, with worldwide shipping options available upon request.

    Let Egle’s artwork inspire your journey, and remember, art is meant to be shared, enjoyed, and felt. Never stop exploring your artistic spirit; the world will surely notice and appreciate your unique perspective.

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