Abstract Artwork

Digitally Manipulated Collage

Artists Proof

Hand Signed in Gold Ink Pen


In excellent condition

39 x 40 inches

Professionally framed in a floating frame by our bespoke framing service

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    About This Piece

    Unravel ‘Dappled Light,’ envisioned by our very own resident artist, Madeline Joy. This digitally enhanced collage, crafted in 2020 and signed by the artist, offers a story rooted in a personal journey.

    Madeline’s creative vision for ‘Dappled Light’ was started during a period of temporary vision loss. While she grappled with feeling disorientated and foggy, one vivid image remained etched in her memory – the way the sunlight would dance through forest trees. Beams of light mixed with the colours in nature, inspiring the artist to capture this interplay of light and nature. Madeline meticulously crafted the artwork using dots sourced from magazines. This dot-based collage, after undergoing digital manipulation, unfurled a stunning composition, a homage to the captivating luminosity she saw in the forest.

    This exquisite piece, an ‘Artist Proof,’ is not just a mere artwork but a testament to resilience and transformation. It’s more than its size of 39 x 40 inches; it’s a canvas of emotions, a visual memoir of an artist’s journey through challenges.

    The artist believes in supporting others and has curated a dedicated section within our gallery to uplift and showcase the works of budding local artists from Birmingham, an initiative that reflects her unwavering commitment to nurturing the art community.

    Presented in a professionally framed floating frame, this extraordinary ‘Dappled Light’ by Madeline Joy gives light to a space that needs some glimmer captured in dots, colours, and digital magic. For our UK customers, enjoy complimentary postage and packaging. For our international, please contact us for worldwide shipping costs. Immerse yourself in ‘Dappled Light’ and experience Madeline’s vibrant world of creativity, resilience, and breath-taking beauty.

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