Dance Between Two Strangers by Mike Carr – aka China Mike


Original oil and acrylic on canvas

35 x 42 inches

Excellent Condition

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    About This Piece

    Step into the enchanting world of Mike Carr, affectionately known as China Mike, with his mesmerizing masterpiece “Dance Between Two Strangers.” This original, one-of-a-kind artwork is a testament to Carr’s evolving artistic journey and is now available for connoisseurs of fine art at BHP Collectibles.

    Measuring a striking 35 x 42 inches, “Dance Between Two Strangers” is a captivating blend of oil and acrylic on canvas. Within its depths, the kindred souls depicted in this piece seem to leap out of the boarded canvas and dance their way into the viewer’s imagination. Carr’s philosophy, “Process is as important as the end result,” is beautifully exemplified in this artwork.

    Gaze upon the photorealistic faces of the characters, their features rendered with meticulous attention to detail. Yet, Carr’s true genius lies in his ability to infuse these realistic elements with an exuberant sense of playfulness. The figures, locked in a serendipitous dance, blur into a whirlwind of flowing lines, creating an entrancing narrative that invites the audience to lose themselves within its story.

    The two central figures are a study in contrasts. The figure on the left bursts forth in fiery, passionate colours, while the figure on the right is shrouded in cooler, darker tones. Their dance symbolises a mesmerising interplay between passion and uncertainty as if they are irresistibly drawn to dance with fire.

    A deeper exploration reveals a block of colour beneath the figures, offering a glimpse into the intimacy and harmony of their shared dance. The shoes, photorealistic in their execution, belong solely to the character on the right, evoking the adage “take a walk in someone else’s shoes.” It’s as if the character on the right yearns to momentarily inhabit the world of the passionate figure in red.

    The dance floor beneath them is a stark departure from the rest of the painting, a darker block of colour intimately linked to the figure on the right. It suggests that the emotion emanating from this character guides the narrative of the dance.

    The pale pink and baby blue background hints at the early hours, with a frost settling in as the sun rises. This ethereal setting, combined with the incomplete form of the figure on the left, evokes a sense of passing time. The fire and passion of the night gradually fade, leaving the uncertain figure with only memories and a lingering sense of longing. The title, “Dance Between Two Strangers,” encapsulates the essence of the narrative—a chance encounter between two souls destined never to meet again.

    Owning “Dance Between Two Strangers” is not just an acquisition; it’s an invitation to spark conversations and debates within your home. This artwork is a tribute to Carr’s evolving artistic style, marked by a delightful playfulness and a departure from mechanical routines.

    As a bonus, enjoy complimentary postage and packaging within the UK, making this extraordinary piece even more accessible. For those seeking the perfect presentation, our bespoke framing service is at your disposal. Feel free to reach out to us for further details.

    Mike Carr, aka China Mike, has transcended boundaries with “Dance of Two Strangers.” Don’t miss your opportunity to own a piece of his artistic evolution and bring this captivating narrative into your life.

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