Blue City by Kevin Day



Oil on canvas

Hand-signed by the artist


In mint condition

20 x 30 inches


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    About This Piece

    “Blue City” by Kevin Day is an original 2020 oil on canvas hand-signed by the artist.

    The central figure, subtly off-centre, commands attention against a backdrop of dynamic blues and flashes of fiery reds. This juxtaposition evokes a sense of anonymity within the city, inviting viewers to reflect on the freedom to be oneself amidst seemingly boundless opportunities.

    In a recent interview, Kevin Day shared the inspiration behind his “New York / Tokyo City Collection,” of which “Blue City” is a striking component. The genesis of this collection emerged during the lockdown when Day found himself unable to paint outdoors or use external references. Immersed in virtual walking tours of empty city streets, Day discovered the power and beauty of solitary figures in vast urban landscapes.

    Reflecting on his artistic choices, Day explained his colour palette, dominated by vibrant blues and powerful reds, as a subconscious nod to sci-fi films. Films like “Collateral” and directors such as Rémy Boudet influenced him, with their ability to create mood through the interplay of neon blues and flashes of colour. The result is a painting that captures the eerie, yet gorgeous essence of a city locked in a surreal stillness.

    The figure in “Blue City,” alone and gazing into the distance, symbolises the search for meaning within the vastness of urban life. Kevin Day’s choice to include himself as a figure in some pieces adds a personal touch, emphasizing the isolation and introspection felt during the lockdown.

    To enhance your art-collecting experience, we offer a bespoke framing service, allowing you to tailor the presentation of “Blue City” to your aesthetic preferences. Postage and packaging are complimentary in the UK, and international shipping options are available upon inquiry. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of “Blue City” and ponder the anonymity, freedom, and endless possibilities that Kevin Day artfully captures on canvas.

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