Beggars Banquet 1968 Hand Signed Album by The Rolling Stones



Released by Decca Records

Hand-Signed by Mick Jagger

12 x 12 inches

In Great Condition


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    About This Piece

    Step back in time to the late 1960s, an era of cultural revolution and musical innovation, with the Beggars Banquet 1968 Hand Signed Album by The Rolling Stones. This remarkable piece of music history allows you to not only own a classic vinyl record but also to possess a tangible connection to the legendary British rock band that redefined the sound of their generation.

    Released under the iconic Decca Records label, this album stands as a testament to The Rolling Stones’ enduring influence and artistry. The Beggars Banquet album marked a significant turning point in The Rolling Stones’ career. It unveiled a new, more bluesy sound and showcased iconic tracks like “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Street Fighting Man.” This album is not just a collector’s item; it’s a sonic journey through an era of social and musical transformation.

    What sets it apart, however, is the fact that it bears the authentic signature of the iconic frontman himself, Mick Jagger. His autograph is a rare treasure, adding a unique and personal touch to this already legendary album.

    Measuring 12 x 12 inches, this vintage album may show slight signs of wear on the corners of the record cover, but it has weathered the years gracefully and remains in excellent condition for its age. This is not just a record; it’s a time capsule that takes you back to a pivotal moment in music history.

    For collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details, we’re delighted to offer a bespoke framing service, allowing you to elevate this masterpiece to a museum-quality display. A carefully selected frame can enhance the visual impact of this classic album and protect it for generations to come.

    To make the experience even more convenient for our customers in the UK, we include complimentary postage and packaging. Your precious artefact will be handled with care and delivered securely to your doorstep. For our international customers, please contact us for worldwide shipping costs tailored to your location.

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