Apollo Astronauts Portraits and Patches with Autographs


33.5 x 24 inches

Multi Signed by Neil Arm Strong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins

Arm Patches off of Spacesuits (Worn on the Moon)

Apollo 11 Astronauts

In excellent condition

Professionally Framed by our bespoke framing service

Comes with previous provenance and a BHP Collectibles COA

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    About This Piece

    Unlock the door to a world of space exploration history with this extraordinary collection of Apollo Astronauts Portraits and Patches. This meticulously curated ensemble encapsulates the essence of mankind’s greatest achievement—the Apollo 11 mission.

    At its heart, this collection boasts multi-signed photographs of the iconic Apollo 11 astronauts—Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. These signed images aren’t just autographs; they’re a portal into the epochal voyage to the moon, a moment when humanity defied the limits of Earth and ventured into the cosmos. These autographed portraits have become revered treasures in the world of space memorabilia, sought after by collectors around the globe.

    Yet, the allure of this collection doesn’t end there. Alongside the photographs, you’ll receive authentic arm patches, veritable artifacts from the very spacesuits these intrepid astronauts donned during their historic lunar journey in 1969. These patches, worn on the moon’s surface, are tangible connections to that remarkable era when mankind first set foot on another celestial body.

    Each component of this collection is not just a piece of history but a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the enduring legacy of Apollo 11. Professionally framed to preserve their historical significance and visual appeal, these items are destined to be cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

    As a token of our appreciation, we extend free postage and packaging within the UK, ensuring that these priceless treasures reach you securely. For our international clientele, please contact us to explore worldwide shipping options.

    If you desire to showcase these remarkable relics in a bespoke frame tailored to your preferences, our framing service is at your service. Your collection, your way.

    Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by. Seize your chance to own a part of space exploration history. Contact us today for further details, and become a custodian of these remarkable artefacts, forever linked to humanity’s grandest journey.

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