50 faces of Marilyn by Andy Warhol


Diptych Print

The original was made in 1962

37 x 28.5 inches

In great condition

Professionally Framed

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    About This Piece

    Own a Piece of Art History with a “50 Faces of Marilyn” Diptych Print by Andy Warhol. In 1962, Warhol embarked on celebrity portraits and among these iconic representations stands 50 Faces of Marilyn, showcasing Warhol’s ability to merge art and fame. 

    Originally made in an era of innovation, “50 Faces of Marilyn” encapsulates Andy Warhol’s enchantment with celebrity culture. This diptych print comprises 50 captivating images portraying the glamorous Marilyn Monroe and demonstrates his mastery of the silkscreen technique. This artistic endeavour pays homage to Warhol’s creative brilliance but also immortalises the timeless allure of these cultural icons.

    At 37 x 28.5 inches, “50 Faces of Marilyn” captures moments from Marilyn Monroe’s legacy, bringing the charisma of the icon straight into your space. 

    Professionally framed by our bespoke framing service, 50 Faces of Marilyn seamlessly fits into any space, radiating sophistication and honouring the enduring legacy of these cultural icons. 

    This diptych print encapsulates the spirit of 1962’s artistic energy. It invites you to own a piece of art history and become part of the narrative where creativity, celebrity, and culture intersect. Embrace this unique opportunity to enrich your space with the eternal allure of 50 Faces of Marilyn.

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