This week I caught up with Birmingham-based artist and oil painter – Tatyana Gul! Tatyana and her husband came into BHP requesting that we have a look at her work. Of course, I said yes and booked a day in the diary for her to come back with her work! Tatyana brought a beautiful selection of work to the gallery for us to look at. Some of the pieces are big, some small, on paper, on canvas, and one even on glass! Together we selected a few of her works for display in the gallery and have recently added her to the supporting artist section so make sure to check her out!

Her work has a range of emotions but one thing that is consistent in the pieces we have on display is that they are very calming and feel with positive energy. These pieces would be a perfect addition to a space that is centred around being calm and positive, maybe a bedroom, living room or even an office space!

M: How did you become an artist? Is this something you’ve always done, or did you discover it in later years?

“In my work, I share the playfulness of colour. When I experiment on the canvas, it gives me the ability to release a hurricane of emotions, secret thoughts, and a wish to see the beauty in the world. My paintings are imaginative play. Inscrutability and suggestions within the pictures make them analytical, similar to musical phrases and poetic lines. They allow viewers not only to see but also to feel the rhythm and melody of colour.”

“I discovered my interest in creativity later in life. I lived in Germany for three years, and while living there, I found good resources to help me develop my art and creativity.

Once I started, there was no way back. I was addicted. For 11 years since, I have been on this journey, constantly learning about new materials, techniques, and compositions! Of which has allowed me to come up with brand new ideas.”

M: Who inspires you?

T: I get inspired when visiting museums, as well as when I look at the work of young artists – I find they have a lot of vibrant creativity. I also have the desire to sublimate the classic art genre, impressionism. I aim to find my performance within this genre. I also studied the pictures of Van Gogh, and when I was researching artists, I was impressed by the work of Ukrainian artists Elena & Vladimir Illyichevs and their technique. One of my strongest beliefs is that there is “a painting for every home”.

M: Do you work in a studio or outdoors?

T: When I’m out and on the street, I make sketches, I catch ideas and create small compositions of the city. Then once I’m back in the studio I start to implement the idea into a final piece.

M: Your work is very bright and colourful! Is there any symbolism in your work?

T: When I look back on childhood, I remember it with delight. There are pure emotions and bright colours in this world, and I wish to bring this joy into my work with oil paints. I desire to help people remember the innocence of their youth and delve into the world of children’s fantasies and dreams.

I like to add a little symbolism into my work to represent our rapidly changing world.

When drawing flowers, I study their structure and harmony. You must be mindful that a cut flower has seven days of life left, and I feel that they ask to be remembered on the canvas.

M: I saw on your site that you have done several exhibitions; can you tell me about them?

T: Exhibitions are amazing and special opportunities to meet new people! To open yourself to new communications and of course filled with the hope that people will want my paintings in their houses.

My very first exhibition was in one of the large libraries in Minsk. Forty different paintings were displayed by five global artists – from Belarus, the USA, France, Germany, etc. At first naturally, I was nervous, but after hearing the words of support and making my first sales, I felt inspired!

The second exhibition I have been to was in one of Minsk’s a trade & exhibition centres. This one was more of an event, which allowed my work to many visitors besides my dearest friends.

In 2017, I had 80 artworks exhibited in one of the ancient places of Belarus in the Radzivilov’s castle in Nesvizh. There was a large flow of interested people who became acquainted with my work, and I got many positive reviews from this exhibition in many different languages. You can read them here

Following the exhibition, I had one of my pieces sent to Ireland, a dozen more were sent to the Commonwealth countries, and one of my works is still in the castle!

M: How do you promote your work? Social media?

T: I have many friends that know and love art. As well as doing events.

I have my paintings in the galleries of Minsk as well as other shops, there was even an article written about me which can be read here. As for social media – I use Instagram with the handle Gull Tatijna.

M: How do you promote your work? Social media?

T: I have many friends that know and love art. As well as doing events.

I have my paintings in the galleries of Minsk as well as other shops, there was even an article written about me which can be read here.

M: Finally, is there anything you would like to add that I didn’t mention at all?

T: When diving into your creativity, time slows down its run. When you work with paint, you can create your own world, light and love, and I wish to share these emotions!

Tatyana’s Work

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