Michael’s Work

Today BHP Collectibles is introducing you to the talented sculptor Michael Day. Michael joined us at our last Collectibles Art Network and blew us away with his hand-crafted Marvel Sculptures. Made using clay to craft a silicone mould, he then skillfully uses fibreglass and spray paint (sometimes incorporating wood and metal) to create detailed, enticing sculptures that you will not find anywhere else.

Travel has been a big part of this artist’s career and has taken him all over the globe. He spent time living in Italy developing his sculpting techniques and then moved to Spain. In Spain, an art company employed him to make numerous art installations where his one-off Marvel pieces became extremely popular.

Michael has always been fascinated by how things are made. His interest in art started with the Pop Art and Neo Geo Art movements, often taking inspiration from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He decided to challenge his skills and follow the passion and enthusiasm he saw within his art tutor – “they helped to give a clear path as to what I wanted to do.”

“When considering my next project or piece, the practical construction goes with my type A mindset. I enjoy the therapeutic process when using clay and the freedom to experiment with other mediums – such as wood and fibreglass. I get motivated when I learn something new and often generate ideas from that new experience.”

He maintains that no matter how talented you are as an artist, there is always something new to learn, pushing him forward in his creative process!

“I am currently developing my metal skills, mostly brass work casting. This inspiration came about from the popularity of my Wonder Woman piece. Effectively combining my love of pop art with a classic sculpture.”

“When creating a piece, I study and find out the history of my subject. I then produce smaller drawings before making one bigger sketch of my muse, which I will use when I hand make the piece out of clay by hand. I make a silicon mould before making the Fibreglass piece and then spray paint often with one-off paints I make myself.”

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