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Lance Collins, a talented artist known for his detailed drawings of iconic celebrities, has gained recognition with his impressive portfolio. By creating artwork of classic icons by using a unique blend of photorealism and artistic interpretation, Lance’s artwork has garnered attention from fans and even celebrities. In this interview, Lance shared his journey as an artist, his collaboration with photographer Darren, his techniques for creating stunning drawings, and his experiences with notable figures like Clint Eastwood and Bruce Lee.

A Chance Encounter with Clint Eastwood

Lance’s artistic journey took an unexpected turn when he had the opportunity to have his artwork signed by the renowned actor and filmmaker – Clint Eastwood. Lance recounts how it all began due to a fan club formed in the UK dedicated to Clint Eastwood, initiated by a fellow enthusiast named Dave Turner. Through Dave’s efforts, Lance sent his drawings to Eastwood for his autograph – The excitement and significance of receiving the signed pieces left a lasting impression on the artist.

“I thought there was more chance if I went through a friend who Eastwood knew. I sent two copies of each of the four drawings and said – “If you keep one set for yourself, I’ll be extremely honoured and would appreciate it if you could sign the other four.” After about two weeks, they came back. Instantly I knew they were from the Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in California, and I wondered if he had just sent them back, but no, he’d signed them! There was no letter or anything like that, but it felt like such a big deal for me.”

Exploring Classic Icons and Collaborating with Darren

Lance’s passion for classic icons such as Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe shines through in his artwork. He also mentions venturing into capturing present-day pop stars like Billie Eilish. Lance collaborates with his friend Darren, a professional photographer, to combine their respective skills and create captivating mixed-media pieces. Lance and Darren experiment with different techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of their collaborative efforts.

“We don’t restrict ourselves to classic 1950s and 1960s icons – we also do more up-and-coming present pop stars. That’s more Darren’s domain with the digital fine art side of it – for example, he did a piece of Billie Eilish.”

The Artistic Process

By using reference photos, Lance meticulously creates his drawings, often working on A3-sized paper. He emphasises the importance of using a range of pencil grades, from 2H to 10-12B, to achieve depth and a three-dimensional effect. Lance incorporates gel highlight pens, black ink, charcoal, and blending sticks to bring out the intricate details in his artwork. He highlights the significance of continuous learning and adapting to modern techniques, leveraging YouTube tutorials and online resources.

“I add elements of photorealism into my work to achieve the level of detail I’m aiming for, but I don’t have a goal for it to be the same, as I can’t help but think you might as well have the photo. I like to incorporate the texture from the pencils but still capture that photo-realistic element.”

Noteworthy Achievements and Recognition

Lance’s artwork has gained recognition through various avenues, such as being featured in Roger Taylor’s book – “Marilyn In Art” – alongside notable artists like Andy Warhol. Lance expresses his excitement about being part of such a prestigious publication. Additionally, his drawings have sold in retail outlets, and he has received positive feedback from fans on social media platforms. Lance also shares memorable encounters with figures like Taky Kimura, Bruce Lee’s best friend and instructor, and his interactions with the fan community.

Reflections on Artistic Growth and Future Endeavors

Reflecting on his artistic journey, Lance acknowledges the influence of his parents and his early experiences in art college. He credits his father for nurturing his talent and providing early encouragement. While Lance has not exhibited his work in a gallery, his collaborations with Halcyon Gallery in Birmingham; presented him with exposure and potential opportunities. He also contemplates the possibility of showcasing his artwork through exhibitions and considering timelapse videos to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of his creative process.

Lance Collins’ artistic journey is one of passion, perseverance, and dedication to capturing the essence of iconic stars through his meticulous drawings. From the excitement of having his work signed by Clint Eastwood to collaborating with photographer Darren, Lance’s artistic evolution is a testament to his talent and the endless possibilities of mixed media art. With his attention to detail and continuous exploration of techniques, Lance Collins continues in the world of art, captivating audiences with his stunning and talented portrayals of beloved icons.

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