Jade Jessop is a Birmingham-based artist who combines her emotions with bold acrylic colour choices, using monochromatic tones to create powerful abstract paintings. Her work often incorporates a pop of gold leaf, possibly with a gentle and calming blue, and she is known for creating a perfect statement abstract artwork for the modern home. Her work brings the LA lifestyle into your household but works beautifully alongside Birmingham roots.

“My inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. I love combining contemporary architecture with statement artwork. Abstract art is currently big in LA, which has a massive influence on my style. It is the art movement I want to push myself to explore more, and I have so many ideas in my head now that I need to get onto the canvas.”

“There is a wall in LA at a famous venue called Craigs – often where all the celebrities hang out. Craigs has this cool black-and-white graffiti wall with a bold and in-your-face energy. I love it and draw a lot of inspiration from there!”

Drawing inspiration from contemporary artists such as David Hockney and Mr Brainwash, figurative work is a big inspiration to the artist as of late.

“Mr Brainwash has a style I admire. The graffiti blended with figurative is a direction I would love to explore. I want to experiment and grow my style as I go.”

Jade only plans her work when working on a figurative piece, and abstract comes more from within. “Figurative portraiture was where I started my art journey. I have always used a reference photo and worked from that. When creating an abstract, the process is very different. I start with the colours and from there it starts to take form. From there, I can see where I want it to go, but over time the piece can change entirely.”

“This piece is one of my favourites. It combines abstract art with figurative portraiture – a style I want to explore more. Since I started experimenting with it in lockdown, I aim to combine the two genres.”

“I once was inspired by combining aqua blues with gold on canvas. Suddenly I could see the sea in it, and then people started to come into it to appear as the work progressed. Over time the more I paint, the more inspired I feel. I often enjoy painting and letting the colours dictate the piece.”

“There was no plan for these pieces. I created a piece that combines the two cultures of my travels to LA with my life in Birmingham by using a palette filled with turquoise, blues and greys. As I created it, it became a landscape/abstract.”

“When I went to university, fashion overtook everything, so I took a break from painting. After rediscovering my love for art during the lockdown, I noticed a trend for abstract artwork in homes. I aimed to explore the world of abstract painting. I wanted to fill my walls with this art movement. Abstract fits well with interiors; I have always loved working with interior design – Even in school, I sold my artwork in an interior design shop.”

Jade currently has her work up at Colmore Club in Birmingham after being contacted by the owner via Instagram.

“He asked if I could create some artwork for his venue, and it fits in well. Currently, it is on display there, which is exciting.”

Jade often takes inspiration from LA scenery and culture, visiting as often as possible, and getting some great stories along the way! Hearing her talk about her adventures in the US would make anyone want to go and check it out!

“I fell in love with LA the second time I visited. After giving it a second chance, I thought it was incredible! I love the LA lifestyle, everyone is so into fitness and being healthy, and you get to meet so many different people. Networking is so much easier, maybe it’s the weather that helps, and you never know who you are going to cross paths with.”

“There are some extraordinary people in LA. I once saw Prince in a club once as he walked right past me. He had such a presence about him. I also went to Wesley Snipes house on a random night out, and he was different to what I expected. Most recently, I met John Lennon’s son, Julian Lennon – he was a cool guy.”

Jade had had a vision when making these. “I designed these two artworks two suits a specific space. I used black, white, and gold leaf to create simple yet bold planets.”

When Jade designed the piece below, she had a bold idiom in mind, bringing aspects from her travels and the LA style into her work.

“My love for fashion started in my teens. My sister was a DJ, and every weekend needed a new outfit. We needed something more sustainable than buying a new dress every time, so my mum tried to make her outfit. It was good, but there was a lack of shape in it. I was sure I could make something out of it, so I put some shaping into the dress – and it turned out great. Every weekend after that, I made a new dress for us both to go out in. Quickly my friends started asking me to make some for them, so I started selling my dresses at house parties, and the business grew from there. ”

Having the Honor Gold label over here has pathed the way so she can in the near future launch a new brand which will be a bikini resort collection influenced by the laid-back California lifestyle. Jade says “This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, so I am very excited bout this new label which is going to be very different to honor gold” She is planning on tying in her abstract artwork with the new range! Something we can’t wait to see!

Jade’s Work

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