Weaving Mysticism and Texture Through Pointillism

Bluebeard’s Work

Journey to Mastery: A Lifelong Dedication to Art

Bluebeard’s artistic journey started at a young age, and his talent was recognized early on by his parents. Over the years, he devoted countless hours to perfecting his technique and exploring various mediums. From doodling to pencil drawings, Bluebeard’s commitment to his craft became apparent as he embraced a 20 to 30-year apprenticeship before transitioning to his signature style of pointillism.

“I’m sure it’s not an invented memory, but I remember my mum and dad talking about a drawing I did in my mid-teens. My dad said something along the lines of ‘actually that looks like somebody who can ‘actually’ draw’,” Bluebeard reminisced. “I continued to draw and doodle – all the time. In a way, I gave myself 20 – 30 years of apprenticeship. Within my late 30s and early 40s, I started doing more than doodling; I started drawing in pencil.”

The transition to pencil drawings presented a unique challenge for Bluebeard, especially since he is colour-blind. “The thing is I’m colour-blind. In the past when I’ve done work with pencils, my partner has picked the colours for me,” he revealed. “Once you understand what’s light and what’s dark, then you can work through it on an intellectual level. But it’s an insanely hard intellectual challenge and a chance to make lots of silly little mistakes.”

Spirituality and Wildlife: The Heart of Bluebeard’s Artwork

The mystical and spiritual elements play a significant role in Bluebeard’s artwork, enhanced by his pointillism technique. His fascination with folklore, spirituality, and animals is beautifully captured in his pieces, where he weaves connections between the natural world and the supernatural. The moon often serves as a symbol of spirituality, bridging the gap between reality and the mystical in his series of British wildlife, featuring the likes of owls, stags, foxes, and toads.

“In my mind initially, it was a part of a series of British wildlife. So, it was an owl, a stag, a fox, and a toad. It was the moon that connected them, bringing in a connection to spirituality,” explained Bluebeard. “I love owls; they’re amazing creatures, and some of the creatures heighten their link to paganism and developed them into something that is quite beautiful.”

Beyond the Dots: Exploring Tattoo Artistry and Exhibitions

Bluebeard’s artistry doesn’t stop at paper and canvas; it extends to the world of tattooing. Embracing the traditional hand poke technique, he delves into this 3D form of art, learning the intricacies of working on living canvases.

“The thing is with being a tattooist, there’s a whole extra layer of skill as well as the artwork itself,” Bluebeard elaborated. “With a print, when I work on a piece, I can change my mind or even stop for a couple of days if I like. There’s none of that with tattooing; you’ve got to understand different people’s skin, people twitch, sweat, bleed, you’ve got to work in 3D, it’s a whole different talent as well as being an artist. And yet something in me says that the traditional hand poke technique has got direct similarities to the skills that I’ve got.”

Beyond tattooing, Bluebeard has ventured into the realm of exhibitions, with a recent solo show at The Art Room in Kings Heath. “Within a year of going out and showing my work to others, I had a solo exhibition,” he proudly shared. “It was very affirming, and they invited me to come back and be a part of their event at their open studios. That was amazing for several reasons. Other than when with my dad, I’d been lacking a chance to stand in a room with like-minded people to talk about art. It was fascinating, exciting, and a beautiful experience all around.”

A Unique Blend of Mysticism and Talent

Bluebeard’s art speaks of a captivating blend of mysticism, spirituality, and nature, all rendered with astonishing detail through his pointillism technique. His journey from a young artist to a master of his craft reflects unwavering dedication and a passion for creating art that resonates deeply with both himself and his audience. With his blue beard, tattoos, and piercings, Bluebeard embodies his brand and artistic identity, standing as a testament to the power of embracing one’s true self.

Whether gazing at his enchanting artworks or witnessing the unfolding of his artistic endeavours, there’s no denying that Bluebeard’s pointillism technique adds a unique dimension to his masterpieces, making them all the more extraordinary and captivating. Each meticulously placed dot tells a story, inviting the viewer into a world of intricate texture and magical imagery. From canvas to tattooed skin, Bluebeard’s artistry continues to evolve, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of experiencing it firsthand.

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